BTE processor and its accessories

The Naída is a behind-the-ear (BTE) device with a BTE speechprocessor, a battery-compartment and a coil with magnet.  Available in several colours (click here for colour palette).

The battery-compartment consists of 1 rechargeable battery or can contain 2 disposable batteries (675 Extra of 675 C)..

There are several off-the-ear options for a lighter weight wearing style. The battery can be detached from the BTE to be worn on the clothing.  Or the entire processor can be worn off-the-ear.

Alternatively, the battery compartment can be replaced by a connector with a body-worn battery box with AAA batteries("powerpak").

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"Naída CI T-Mic 2"
This is the earhook with the in-the-ear microphone for hearing in noisy environments, and to gain effortless access to cellular telephones, consumer audio electronics and assistive listening technology.
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"Naída CI Earhook"
This is the standard earhook without additional functionality.  The earhooks with grip can be used to wear an earmold.
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This is the transparent silicone tube designed to lock your processor into place.  This Mic Lock fits the Auria and Harmony BTE and has a separate ring for the T-mic.  Pack with 3 Mic Locks.