A§E Coala Accessories

The Coala-Link is an A§E feature allowing all tests to be presented through the calibrated AUX entry of the Cochlear™ Nucleus®  speech processor. No more need for soundproof booths, no more issues with calibration!  This is all taken care of!

The  Coala-Links requires the Cochlear Programming POD to establish a USB connection between your computer and the CP910 processor and an audio line between the audio output of your computer and the AUX entry of the processor.  The audio line consists of the personal audo cable plus the mains insulation cable. 

Cochlear Programming POD

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Including Pod, Programming Cable & Shoe, Usb Cable, Document Pack Programming Pod

This is to establish a USB connection between your computer and the CP910 processor.

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"Personal Audio Cable 3,5 mm"
Connect directly to your Gameboy, iPod®, Walkman®, CD player and any battery-powered, portable music or gaming system. In case you are wearing 2 CP800 processors, the binaural cable may suit you best.
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"Mains isolation cable"

This 3m long cable connects your processor with the audio-output of any A/C powered equipment, like your television, hifi-chain, PC or gaming consoles like the Xbox® or Sony Playstation®.
Personal Audio cable also required !!

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