A§E: because the cochlea is more than audiometry alone...

Psycho-acoustic test suite: now with self-tests and improved speech audiometry !

A§E is a set of psycho-acoustical tests to be used by the professional audiologist.  It is conceived to test hearing impaired children and adults who are typically aided with a conventional hearing aid, cochlear implant or other device.  All tests are speech- and language independent and supraliminal (above-threshold).   All tests now come with a self-test option. Drag and drop a number of tests in the patient's basket and let the patient perform the tests on his own!


Click here to view an 8' video explaining the rationale behind the A§E.


A§E contains tests at the level of detection, discrimination and identification:

  1. to assess the intensity coding of sound (loudness scaling)
  2. to assess the spectral coding of sound (phoneme detection, discrimination and identification)
  3. to assess the low frequency temporal coding of sound (intonation tasks, word stress pattern, sentence intonation)
  4. In addition it contains a two-loudspeaker localization task to assess the central fusion of binaural hearing.

Includes a speech audiometry module reducing the test time by 66% !!!

Just upload your speech files and go (watch instructional video). If you have a legal version of an existing speech test, we are happy to preload this into the software for you. We can preload the following speech lists:


·                     Arabic (Ain-Shams Child & Adult, Lebanese E.Zir Male & Female Bisyllabic & Monosyllabic)

·                     Dutch or Flemish (BLU, Brugse, Erber, Göttinger 3-4, Göttinger 5-6, LINT, LIST, NVA kind & adult)

·                     English (A Boothroyd, BKB Sentences, Australian CNC words, AuSTIN Sentences)

·                     French (Fournier monosyllabiques, Lafon)

·                     German (Freiburger Einsilber, OLSA Sentences)

·                     Hebrew (Monosyllabic, Spondees)

·                     Indian (Hindi, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil)

·                     Italian (italiona Parole Infantili, Parole Bisillabiche per Adulti)

·                     Portuguese (Português Crianças Dissilabica)

·                     Any other list on your demand...


A§E 2015 Single License (1 year use)

License key to operate on 1 computer for 1 year. 

Get A§E now and lift your clinical testing one step up. This license key allows you to run A§E on one PC for one year.

Includes audiometry and speech audiometry module with words and sentences, in quiet and in noise,with manual and adaptive scoring. All tests can be done in self test mode. The audiometry module allows seamless integration to perform audiometry with Otocube (Otoconsult), Equinox/Affinity (Interacoustics, Affinity Suite required!), Aurical (Plus) (Otometrics) or Coala-Link.

Add Coala to test Nucleus CP900 recipients directly on the audio-cable. No more soundbooth required.  This revolution in CI testing requires the Nucleus programming POD, the personal audio cable and the mains insulation cable.

We will send you download instructions and a license key upon payment.

A§E 2015 Network License (1 year use)

License key for 1 year to operate on multiple computers
with shared data on the same network.
This license key allows you to run A§E simultaneously on multiple computers and to have access to all patient's data on all computers. The software can be installed on 20 computers but its use is limited to 3 or 6 concurrent users.