Freestyle processor and its accessories

The Neptune is a fully waterproof processor, ready for swimming, showering, or being cleaned under the running tap. The freestyle design allows the processor to be worn in different flexible ways. It is directly connected with the coil by means of a long cable, leaving the ear free. It comes in a variety of colours (click here to see the colours) or try out your own freestyle colours with the interactive tool on AB's website).

The battery compartment clicks on the processor an can contain one AAA battery for 20 (rechargeable) till 30 hours (disposable) of autonomy.

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"Neptune Connect"
This piece clicks on the processor and contains the controls and the connection for FM and audio-cable.  It must be removed and replaced with a waterproof cover to make the processor waterproof.
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"Neptune Covers"

Set of 2 waterproof covers, one top (to replace the connect) and one bottom (for the battery compartment).

(click here for colour palette).