High end equipment for audiology

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Plug & Play: all you need to run Audiqueen/A§E at your desk, without the need of a sound-treated room (Calibration with a sound level meter is required once).

Otoconsult has carefully selected an optimal hardware combination for use with the Audiqueen/A§E software. Audiqueen/The A§E software package can be used with any standard high fidelity audio setup. But if you are looking for a solution to equip a new test environment, this package might be the best choice for you.


Contents of the package (small differences with depicted hardware are possible):

  • A high-end USB sound card: USB powered, 24Bit/96kHz Audio Interface
  • A pair of loudspeakers: Powerful active near field monitors. 6.5" mid/bass driver (75W), 1" tweeter (25W), shielded against computer/monitor interference, very flat response, frequency range: 50Hz to 20kHz.
  • An audio cable: 5m (20 ft.) cable to connect the USB audio interface to your the speakers.


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Package with 8 speakers and accessories, to be connected to your PC running Audiqueen/A§E.  No audiometer or amplifier needed.

This package has been carefully selected by Otoconsult and contains everything you need to perform a multi-speaker localization task or speech audiometry with speech coming from one or more speakers and noise coming from the same or other speakers.  A§E 2015 and Audiqueen(§) are fully configurable for this. Make sure your room can accomodate at least a semi-circle of 3m diameter! 

Contents of the package (differences with depicted hardware are possible):

  • High end 8-channel USB Audio Interface with USB-cable
  • 8 Active Monitors
  • 8 audio cables (4x 3m and 4x 6m long)
  • 8 Monitor Stands