The Nucleus 6 (CP900 series) is a behind-the-ear (BTE) device with a BTE processor, a battery-compartment and a coil with magnet.  Available in 5 colours (Click here for colour palette).

The battery-compartment contains 2 disposable batteries (675 Extra of 675 C) or 1 rechargeable battery.  The battery-compartment can be moved to a separate case that can be fixed to the cloths (= LiteWear).

The remote assistant lets you view and change the device settings.  It also helps to analyse and solve common problems.

This is an older device.  Delays in delivery are possible due to lack of stock.

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"Personal Audio Cable 3,5 mm"
Connect directly to your Gameboy, iPod®, Walkman®, CD player and any battery-powered, portable music or gaming system. In case you are wearing 2 CP800 processors, the binaural cable may suit you best.
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"Portable Phone Cable"
This cable connects your cell phone to the processor. The cable has a 2.5mm jack!
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"Mains isolation cable"

This 3m long cable connects your processor with the audio-output of any A/C powered equipment, like your television, hifi-chain, PC or gaming consoles like the Xbox® or Sony Playstation®.
Personal Audio cable also required !!

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"Lapel microphone"
Clip this microphone close to whomever is talking in a noisy environment to hear better what he/she says.  Comes with a lapel clip to attach the microphone.
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"Monitor Earphone"

The Monitor Earphones allow a caregiver with natural hearing to check whether a processor’s microphone and internal amplifier are receiving sound. This is typically helpful to check FM-devices and other accessories.

Freedom Accessory Adaptor also required !!

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"Freedom Accessory Adaptor"
Small adaptor to connect some cables to the CP800 & CP900 series
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"Euro Accessory Adaptor"
Small adaptor pierce to connect 3-pin euro-plugs (e.g. FM receiver or some audio cables)

Storage Case (Nucleus system 6)

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"Storage Case"
Elegant case to hold your processor.  Add a drying tablet to protect the electronics overnight.

Bag with keyring to keep rechargeable batteries (Nucleus systems 5 & 6 and Freedom)

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"Battery Case Key Ring"
Fancy small bag to store one or two batteries.

Spacer (Nucleus system 6)

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"Coil Spacer"
This is a plastic ring to increase the distance between the coil and the head. 2-pack.

Left/right labels

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"Bilateral Identification Labels"
Blue and red labels to identify the left and right processor in case of bilateral CI.  Set of 15 sheets.