Accessories processor

The Kanso (CP950) is an off-the-ear device with a battery-compartment and a magnet.  Available in 8 colours (Click here for colour palette).

The battery-compartment contains 2 disposable batteries (675 C).

The remote assistant lets you view and change the device settings.  It also helps to analyse and solve common problems.

Cover Battery Compartment Kanso

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"CP950 Battery Cover"
This is the lower cover (for the batteries).

Front Cover Kanso

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"CP950 Front cover"
This is the upper cover (for the microphones).

Microphone protectors (Kanso)

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"CP950 Microphone Protector Kit"
Set of 2 microphone protectors. Applicator is included

Softwear pads Kanso

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"Softwear pads"
These pads help to improve the wearing comfort and help to prevent skin irrition.  Pack of 5.