The Kanso 2 (CP1150) is an off-the-ear device.  Available in 5 colours.  (Click here for colour palette)

This device has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Aqua+ kit (Kanso 2)

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"CP1150 Aqua+"

This kit has all the necessary parts to use your Kanso 2 processor under water.
Read the included instruction manual carefully.


1x activity kit case
1x safetyline long
1x CP1150 aqua sleeves(set of 2)
1x headband
1x instruction manual

Aqua+ sleeve (Kanso 2)

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"CP1150 Aqua+ packed"

Set of 2 waterproof sleeves for the Kanso 2 processor.

Safety Line Long

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"Safety Line Long"
Set of 2 safety lines. 26cm.

Headband (Kanso 2)

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"CP1150 Headband"

This is the headband to secure the Kanso 2 processor.  It has a non-slip strip on the inside, a velcro closure and a holder for 2 processors.  Available in different sizes and colours.