Batteries and its accessories

The Kanso 2 (CP1150) is an off-the-ear device.  Available in 5 colours.  (Click here for colour palette)

This device has a built-in rechargeable battery.

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"CP1150 Home Charger"
This is the charger for the Kanso 2 processor.  This also serves as a drying box while charger.  The cable is included.  The USB adapter and plugs are not included.
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"CP1150 charger plug pack"
USB adapter and plugs for the charger for Kanso 2. 5 different plugs included.
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"CP1150 Portable charger with cable"

This is the powerbank for the Kanso 2 processor.  You can use the powerbank to charge the Kanso 2 processor while using the processor.  The cable is included and available in 2 lengths.

Portable charger cable (Kanso 2)

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"CP1150 portable charger cable"
This is the cable for the powerbank for the Kanso 2 processor.  Available in 2 lengths.