The Naída CI M and Sky CI M are behind-the-ear (BTE) devices with a BTE speech processor, a battery-compartment and a coil with magnet.  Naida CI M is available in 5 colours (click here for colour palette).  Sky CI M is available in 10 colours (click here for colour pallette).

The battery-compartment consists of 1 rechargeable battery or can contain 2 disposable batteries (675 C)..

It is possible to wear the entire BTE processor on the body.

Earhook (AB Naída M)

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"M Earhook"
This is the earhook for the processor.  On the earhooks with grip, a custom-made earpiece stays on better.

T-mic (AB Naída M)

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"M T-mic"
This is the earhook with microphone for the Naida M processor.

Earhook pin (AB Naída M)

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"M earhook pin"
Pin securing the earhook and Tmic to the processor.  Set of 10.

Microfoon lock (AB Naída M)

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"M Snuggie"
This is a transparent plastic ring with gut that allows the processor to be more firmly attached to the ear.

Retention cuff (AB Naída M)

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"M Retention Cuff"

This is a cover with hook that can be folded at the bottom around the ear to hold the processor more securely behind the ear.

Available in 2 lengths: 44mm (small) and 64mm (large).