Nucleus Esprit 3G

BTE unit and its accessories for the Nucleus Esprit 3G

This is an older device.  Some spare parts may no longer be available.  Contact us before you place an order !!

The Esprit 3G is a behind-the-ear (BTE) device with a BTE processor, a battery-compartment and a coil with magnet..

The battery-compartment contains 3 disposable batteries (675 Extra of 675 C).


2 Microhone sleeves (Nucleus Esprit 3G)

"Esprit 3G Jacket"
Transparent plastic sleeves to protect the microphone from the BTE.  Two-pack.

Titanium earhook (Nucleus Esprit 3G)

"Titanium Earhook ESPrit 3G"
This is to hold your Esprit 3G behind the ear.

Soft earhook cover (Nucleus Esprit 3G)

"Soft Earhook Cover, ESPrit 3G"
This cover fits to the titanium earhook to protect your ear.

Earmould compatible earhook (Nucleus Esprit 3G)

"Earmould Compatible Earhooh, ESPrit 3G"
This titanium earhook has no ball at the end.  The audiologist can fit it to a custom-made earmould.  Comes with a plastic cover to protect the ear.