Nucleus Freedom

Accessories for the Nucleus Freedom

This is an older device.  From 01/07/2017, some spare parts may no longer be available.  Contact us before you place an order !!

The Freedom is a behind-the-ear (BTE) device with a BTE processor, a battery-compartment and a coil with magnet. Available in 6 colours (click here for color palette).

The battery-compartment contains 2 or 3 disposable batteries (675 Extra of 675 C) or 1 rechargeable battery. The battery-compartment can be moved to a separate case that can be fixed to the cloths (=babyworn).

Alternatively, the battery compartment can be replaced by a connector with a body-worn battery box for 2 AAA batteries (=bodyworn).


Signal check (Nucleus)

"Signal Check"
This little wand verifies that your processor's transmitting coil is sending a signal across the skin, to the implant. Switch the processor on and hold the signal check to the coil.  if the light lights up, the coil is working.

Lapel microphone (Nucleus Freedom)

"Lapel Microphone"
Clip this microphone close to whomever is talking in a noisy environment to hear better what he/she says.  Comes with a lapel clip to attach the microphone.

Microphone clip (Nucleus)

"Mic M Clip"
Use this clip to attach the lapel microphone to clothing.

Personal Audio Cable for battery-powered devices (Nucleus Freedom)

"Personal Audio Cable"
Connect directly to your Gameboy, iPod®, Walkman®, CD player and any battery-powered, portable music or gaming system..

TV/HiFi cable to connect with any A/C powered devices (Nucleus Freedom)

"TV/HiFi Cable"
This cable connects your processor with the audio-output of any A/C powered equipment, like your television, hifi-chain, PC or gaming consoles like the Xbox® or Sony Playstation®.

Monitor earphones (Nucleus Freedom)

"Monitor Earphone"

The Monitor Earphones allow a caregiver with natural hearing to check whether a processor’s microphone and internal amplifier are receiving sound. This is typically helpful to check FM-devices and other accessories.

Aqua accessory (5-pack) RE-USABLE !! (Nucleus Freedom, systems 5&6)

-------------------------------------------- SUMMER SALES --------------------------------------------
Swimming pouch, can be used up to 20 times !
The simple, convenient Aqua Accessory is a single-use plastic enclosure that completely seals in your processing unit, cable and coil. It is designed for use with rechargeable batteries only.  Follow the instructions carefully.

Tamper-resistant pouches (Nucleus Freedom)

"SP12 BWBP Pouch"
Pouch to hold the bodyworn battery-pack of the Freedom.  Can be attached to a belt arm strap or harness.

Bag with keyring to keep rechargeable batteries (Nucleus systems 5 & 6 and Freedom)

"Battery Case Key Ring"
Fancy small bag to store one or two batteries.

Keyring battery holder (Nucleus Freedom)

"Freedom Keyring Battery Holder"
The keyring has been designed to hold a spare battery holder for standard Freedom BTE and the mini BTE, as well as the rechargeable battery for the standard size.  It is also a tool for easy battery removal and insertion.

Snugfit (Nucleus Freedom) two-pack.

"Freedom Snugfit"

Grip that provides a more secure fit of the BTE processor, especially for babies and young children.  Comes in a two-pack.

Supplement for "large" version !!!

Babyworn accessory pack (Nucleus Freedom babyworn)

"Freedom Babyworn Accessory Pack"
Set with 2 cases and 3 fixing options to fix the battery compartment to the clothing.  Used in the babyworn configuration.