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The following accessories are compatible for all implant systems.

Lapel-clip for cables (type Nucleus)

"Lapel Clip"
Small spring-loaded clip and rubber bands to secure headset cables to clothing.

Lapel-clip for cables (type Digisonic)

Small spring-loaded clip to secure headset cables to clothing.

Harness for children


Small body-worn harness to which pouches can be attached.

Junior Clip

"Junior Clip"
Clip with 2 cables to attach 2 processors or hearing aids to your clothes.

Nucleus MRI kit


Bandage and splint kit for the use when cochlear implant patients need to undergo an MRI scan.  This kit is approved for the use with the following Nucleus internal devices: Profile, CI500 and CI24RE series.

The kit contains:
- 2 synthetic splints
- elastic pressure bandage
- surgical tape