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Wireless FM-systems

FM systems consists of a transmitter and a receiver.

The receiver is connected to the CI-processor. The same receiver can also be connected with most conventional hearing aids.

The transmitter picks up the sound (e.g. from the teacher's voice, from the television or the cell-phone) and sends it via radio waves, wireless, directly to the tiny receiver.  This enhances the sound quality in difficult listening situations (like in noise or at a distance)


TRANSMITTER Phonak SmartLink+

"Phonak SmartLink Transmitter"

SmartLink+ is the toprange Dynamic FM transmitter of choice for those who want nothing less than the very best: in meetings, when it is noisy, over distances, at home and at work, in the car and in the mall, on the cellphone, face-to-face, even when watching TV or listening to music. In short: SmartLink+ is the Rolls Royce of the hearing industry.


TRANSMITTER Phonak Inspiro

"Phonak Inspiro transmitter"

The Inspiro transmitter is specially made for classroom situations.  It uses the latest Phonak FM-technology and a small lapel-microphone with spectacular noise-suppression technology.  The inspiro has NO Bluetooth connection for use with cellphones.



"Phonak ZoomLink Transmitter"

ZoomLink+ is the midrange product for those who know what they want: better hearing and understanding in meetings, when it is noisy, over distance, at home and at work, in the car and in the mall, even when watching TV or listening to music.



"Phonak MLxi"

This receiver is the smallest existing universal multi-frequency FM-receiver.  Is is specially developed for use with the Inspiro transmitter.


RECEIVER: Phonak MyLink+

"Phonak MyLink+"

MyLink+ is an FM receiver with neck-loop which allows to wear it visibly around the neck, or completely invisible under clothing. MyLink+ can be used with any hearing instrument that has a T-coil and it is compatible with all Phonak transmitters.

RECEIVER: Phonak Isense

"Phonak Isense"

Isense is a miniature FM-receiver for children with normal hearing or with a small hearing loss.  It is very useful for children with specific learning or performance deficits.  The Isense-earphone receives the voice of the teacher in a clear way even with a great deal of environmental noise.

Isense is used to complement existing therapies in children with Auditory Processing Disorders (APD), Attention Deficits Disorders (ADD), ADD with Hyperactivity (ADHD) and Learning Disabilities.