Digi SPk

Accessories for the Digi SP'k

The Digi SP'k is the device for children. It consists of a small behind-the-ear (BTE) unit with coil and magnet.

The bodyworn battery pack.contains 1 AA battery (rechargeable or not).


Signal Check (Digisonic)

"Antenna Tester"
This little wand verifies that your processor's transmitting coil is sending a signal across the skin, to the implant. Switch the processor on and hold the signal check to the coil.  If the light lights up, the coil is working.

Battery carrying bag

"Etui de harnais SP'k"
This fancy little bag carries and protects the battery compartment.  Requires a caarying belt.

Carrying belt.

"Etui de harnais SP'k"
This belt holds the battery compartment bag.

Planche autocollants

"Planche autocollants SP'K"