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Cables, coils and magnets for the AB Platinum

The Digisonic BW is an older device conisting of a bodyworn processor.


Coil (Digisonic BTE)

"Digisonic Antenna 4T"
This is the coil that holds the magnet.  Does not include the magnet!

Magnet (Digi SP, BTE and SP'k)

"Aimant SP"
This is the magnet that fits into the coil.

Cable to connect the coil to the BTE processor (Digisonic BTE and BW)

"Cordon d'Antenne Digisonic DX10"
This cable connects the BTE-unit with its coil

Precessor cable

"Cordon Liaison BW"
This cable connects the bodyworn processor with the behind-the-ear device.