Audiqueen 3

The No 1 selling unique software package to manage all your audiological (and other) data.  Can be used either as stand-alone application or in combination with you electronic medical software package.  Click here for full details.

Now with A§E fully integrated! All audiological tests in 1 package. Perform speech audiometry and so many more tests.  Connect to your audiometer or to an amplifier and speakers, to Otocube or SoundC. 

Analytics: Need to know the bone conduction thresholds 1 year after stapedotomy in all subjects who underwent this intervention between 30 and 40 years? Piece of cake with Audiqueen Analytics!  Get these results in seconds and export them to Excel for further processing.

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Audiqueen® is an audiological management program for ENT-practices or audiological services.  It is especially interesting for services where loads of audiological data have to be managed, like ear clinics, CI-centres, auditory rehab centres, etc.


The software runs on a single PC (“stand alone”) or in a local network (“LAN”) with a server and several clients.


If you have a patient or client software package (e.g. a medical patient file), your software developer can easily create a button to launch Audiqueen from within the patient file to manage his/her own audiological data.  This takes only a couple of lines of software code and clear instructions come with the package.


Quote: different pricing options are available to meet your individual configuration and preferences.  Donot hesitate to contact us for details or to receive a quote.


Audiqueen Single Licence (1 PC; 1 year use)

License key to operate on 1 computer for 1 year.

Get Audiqueen now, with A§E fully integrated and lift your clinic to higher standards. This license key allows you to run A§E on one PC for one year.

Includes audiometry and speech audiometry module with words and sentences, in quiet and in noise,with manual and adaptive scoring. All tests can be done in self test mode. The audiometry module allows seamless integration to perform audiometry with Otocube (Otoconsult), Equinox/Affinity (Interacoustics, Affinity Suite required!), Aurical (Plus) (Otometrics) or Coala-Link.

We will send you download instructions and a licence key upon payment.

Audiqueen Network Licence (3 or 6 concurrent users; 1 y use)

License key for 1 year to operate on multiple computers
with shared data on the same network.

This licence key allows you to run Audiqueen (with fully integrated A§E) simultaneously on multiple computers and to have access to all patient's data on all computers. The software can be installed on 10, respectively 20 computers but its use is limited to 3, respectively 6 concurrent users (Please note that each connected audiometer or other testing hardware occupies 1 user slot on permanent basis).

We will send you download instructions and a licence key upon payment.

Audiqueen Site Licence (more than 6 concurrent users)

Site Licence to operate on an unlimited number of computers
with shared data on the same network.

Request a quote!

Audiqueen can be installed hospital-wide.  You'll be able to acces all your data wherever you are: in your ENT dept, the operation theatre, the emergency ward, etc. We'll be happy to make a personalized quote based on an inventory of your staff and equipment.

We will assist your IT staff with the installation.

Installatie op afstand (1h)

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Hulp op afstand (1h)

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