The No 1 selling unique software package to manage all your audiological (and other) data.  Can be used either as stand-alone application or in combination with you electronic medical software package.  Click here for full details.



Audiqueen® is an audiological management program for ENT-practices or audiological services.  It is especially interesting for services where loads of audiological data have to be managed, like ear clinics, CI-centres, auditory rehab centres, etc.


The software runs on a single PC (“stand alone”) or in a local network (“LAN”) with a server and several clients.


If you have a patient or client software package (e.g. a medical patient file), your software developer can easily create a button to launch Audiqueen from within the patient file to manage his/her own audiological data.  This takes only a couple of lines of software code and clear instructions come with the package.


Quote: different pricing options are available to meet your individual configuration and preferences.  Donot hesitate to contact us for details or to receive a quote.



Audiqueen Manual (this is NOT the software !!)

MANUAL of Audiological results manager v.1.9 (approx 120 pages)