The Opus 2 is a behind-the-ear (BTE) device with a BTE processor, a battery-compartment and a coil with magnet. Available in various colours (click here for colour palette).

The battery-compartment contains 1 rechargeable battery with 16 hours autonomy or 3 disposable batteries (675 Extra of 675 C) with 5 days autonomy. A smaller compartment (XS) is available for 2 disposable batteries and 3-4 days autonomy.

The battery can be worn on the body (configuration for children). Alternatively, the entire processor with battery can also be worn on the body (configuration for babies).

The remote control allows you to change some of the settings.

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"Speech Processor Test Device"
This is a hand-held diagnostic tool for teachers and parents. It provides visual confirmation (by means of a LED light) that the ear-level processor is communicating with the implant and the power source is operating.
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"EA Cable Ext"
Connect directly to your Gameboy, iPod®, Walkman®, CD player and any music or gaming system.  Requires the battery cover with FM connection. In case you have 2 processors, you may want to pick the binaural cable. This cable shuts down the processor's microphone thus giving the audio-signal only.
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"EA Cable Mix"
Connect directly to your Gameboy, iPod®, Walkman®, CD player and any other music or gaming system. Requires the battery cover with FM connection. In case you have 2 processors, you may want to pick the binaural cable.  With this cable the processor's microphone stays active thus giving both audio-signals together.
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"Cleaning brush"
Small brush to clean the different parts of the processor.
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"DaCapo Car Adapter"
Car adaptor to charge the batteries in the car.
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"Screw Driver"

Small screw driver to mount the fixation options on the battery-compartment of the child or baby configuration.

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"Batt Pack Pin Protection Cover"
To protect the head of the battery-compartment when not in use.
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"D-Coil MET: magnet extraction tool"
To remove the magnet from the coil.

Swimming pouch for BTE (Maestro Opus 2 and Sonnet)

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"WaterWear" for processor"

The WaterWear is a single-use plastic enclosure that completely seals in your processing unit, cable and coil. It is designed for use with rechargeable batteries only. Follow the instructions carefully. Contains 3 pouches (which can be used 3 times each) and 9 seals.