Nucleus Esprit

Cables, coils and magnets for the Nucleus Esprit

This is an older device.  Some spare parts may no longer be available.  Contact us before you place an order !!

The Esprit is a behind-the-ear (BTE) device with a BTE processor, a battery-compartment and a coil with magnet..

The battery-compartment contains 2 disposable batteries (675 Extra of 675 C).

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"Cable ESPrit"
This cable connects the behind-the-ear processor with its coil.
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"Coil ESPrit"
This is the coil that holds the magnet.  The magnet has to be purchased separatedly !!!
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"Magnet insert"

This is the magnet that fits into the coil.  Available in several strengths and colours.
Prices depend on the magnet strength !!!

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"Accessory Adapter Cable, ESPrit 22/24/3G"
This second cable is required to connect the personal audiocable or TV/HiFi cable with the Nucleus Esprit or the Esprit 3G.  For the Esprit 3G you also need the "accessories adapter".
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