Nucleus Freedom

Batteries and their accessories for the Nucleus Freedom

This is an older device.  From 01/07/2017, some spare parts may no longer be available.  Contact us before you place an order !!

The Freedom is a behind-the-ear (BTE) device with a BTE processor, a battery-compartment and a coil with magnet. Available in 6 colours (click here for color palette).

The battery-compartment contains 2 or 3 disposable batteries (675 Extra of 675 C) or 1 rechargeable battery. The battery-compartment can be moved to a separate case that can be fixed to the cloths (=babyworn).

Alternatively, the battery compartment can be replaced by a connector with a body-worn battery box for 2 AAA batteries (=bodyworn).

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"Freedom BTE controller"
This is the battery-compartment that houses the battery.  The standard format holds either the rechargeable battery or the batteryholder for 3 Zinc/Air 675 batteries.  Battery and/or batteryholder have to be purchased separately !!   The Mini format holds the batteryholder for 2 Zinc/Air 675 batteries.  This delivers less power and is therefore not always possible to use with your programs.  You should contact your CI-fitting centre before purchasing the Mini version !!
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"Freedom Zinc Air Battery Holder"

Securely houses 3 Zinc/Air batteries (675 Extra of 675 C) for the BTE processor.
Twin pack.

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"Freedom Bodyworn Contoller"

This is the batterypack to hold 2 AAA batteries (rechargeable or not) for the bodyworn configuration of the Nucleus Freedom.  The batteries are not included.  The bodyworn controller connects to the BTE processor by means of the BW shoe and cable.  this as to be purchased serpartely.

Bag with keyring to keep rechargeable batteries (Nucleus systems 5 & 6 and Freedom)

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"Battery Case Key Ring"
Fancy small bag to store one or two batteries.
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"Freedom Keyring Battery Holder"
The keyring has been designed to hold a spare battery holder for standard Freedom BTE and the mini BTE, as well as the rechargeable battery for the standard size.  It is also a tool for easy battery removal and insertion.
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"Charger, Li-Ion Battery"

This charger can charge up to 4 batteries.

The batteries and the power cable (+plugs)  have to be purchased separately !!

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"Power Supply, Li-Ion"

This is the power cable and adaptor/transfo for 110 and 220 V AC current.

The plugs have to be purchased separately !!

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"Plug Pack, Li-Ion, International"
Set of 4 plugs (Europe and USA) for the transfo for the battery charger.
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"Battery Charger Multi - UK,  EU,  USA,  AUS Compatible - Incl. 4 batt"
This is a batterycharger for AAA batteries.  Comes with 4 rechargeable AAA batteries.